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Buying San Diego Homes

Benefits of Owning a Home

Need reasons for buying a home?

• Growing equity – As a fairly general rule, homes appreciate about five percent a year, and that growth helps the value of the investment.

• Tax savings – The interest on your mortgage and your property taxes are both tax deductible; the government is essentially subsidizing your home purchase. Income taxes paid are less due to the IRS interest rate deduction.

• Pride of ownership – The American Dream is to own your own home some day. Each family or individual has their own tastes and desires to repaint, carpet and remodel to suit their lifestyle.

• Security – Owners of homes feel more secure in their expectations that they have equity and a consistent monthly housing expense that is not subject to changes by a landlord.

• Consistent investment – putting money into equity in a home is a way that many families and individuals create a net worth – in effect a savings account for their future.

• Lifestyle improvement – A home provides additional space for the kids, yard, storage, hobbies and more. Many families purchase homes to give their kids the enjoyment of playing in their own yard, hosting parties for their friends, and growing up in a secure nuturing environment that they can call their own.

Buying a Coastal Home

Most people are seeking a particular way of life and want to know what amenities and facilities are nearby a particular house. Our site has tools to help you take a look at the schools and lifestyle elements that each community has to offer.

We help to educate our buyers on market conditions and on all information of their desired areas. Schools, malls, theaters, activities , golf courses etc.- whatever knowledge is needed we will provide. We make the home buying experience pleasurable as well as informative, and whether it takes three “rides in the car” or twenty until you find your home it will always be an informative as well as enjoyable experience!-

Cycles in home pricing – Prices fluxuate .. should you wait to purchase, or is it smarter to make a move now? As with the rest of the US economy there are uptrends and downturns, depending on the state of events at any given point. However, in the long run, most financial experts would agree that especially in California, eventually they will go up, creating opportunity for property equity. Prices have gone down in some areas in the past few years, such as Oceanside or Chula Vista — and other areas which are not coastal have seen property values drop as well. Areas outside North County seem to be affected more by this phenomenon.

Prices have recently gone up in other areas – Within the greater San Diego area, North County and most coastal areas have remained virtually the same price or have experienced modest increases. Buyers sometime ask about the nature of price fluxuation, and for each area we have the experience to explain the ebb and flow of home prices over the past decade. In general the factors in this area include Interest rates, unemployment, demand for a particular area or type of home, the economy in general, and new housing starts.